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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

We are on iHeartRadio !!!

Making it to the bigs now !!!  Yucked up is available on iHeartRadio.  Just click the link in the column to the right to listen or tune in with your iHeartRadio App.

Thank you to all our listeners and guests.  We are looking forward to a great 2018 !!!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Help Yucked Up Provide Better Content Anywhere (GoFundMe Campaign)

Yucked Up is a Podcast for First Responders by First Responders.
 I am a former Firefighter and Army Veteran who knows the pain and suffering from waiting 10 years to reach out. The primary goal is to reach out to First Responders who may not be reaching out for help in hopes they won't have to suffer 1 more day thinking they are alone.

2018 will be a big year as we are going on the road. We are planning to record live from various conferences, as well as various local Fire, Police Departments and 911 centers across the country.

In order to produce the show we need to ability to record multiple people local and remote from anywhere in the world. This requires a bit of equipment. Yes the iPhone has done a good job up to this point, but it has its limits. Addiontionally we need to subscribe to some hosted services beyond the basic free level used today, again they have served thier purpose of getting the first few episiodes up and running, but are limited.

Below is a break down of estimated costs:

Recoding Gear $1200

- Multi Channgel Digital Recorder

- Microphones (and accessories)

- Headphones & Amplifier

- Misc. Cables, Connectors etc.

- TSA Approved Carrying Cases

Hosted Services $400 (3 years prepaid promos)- Podcast Hosting

- Blog & Domain Hosting

GofundMe Fees 8% = $136

You can listen and subscribe to Yucked Up on iTunes, Google Play Music, Youtube, SoundCloud, and Spreaker.

Click here to support our mission Yucked Up GoFundMe Page

Monday, November 6, 2017

We did it! First Episode is prime time.

What a great way to kick things off. Christine Cunningham is such a warm and giving person who truly cares about our  First Responders.  Was awesome to be able to sit down with Christine and chat about how the show came about.  More importantly Christine shares her story with a rough call and why she is so involved with CISM.  Christine is the Town of Palm Beach Supervisor, Palm Beach County CISM Team Member, and ICISF CISM Instructor.

- Thank you Christine for your time and mentorship.

Yucked Up is officially up and running.

It has take some time, but it is really happening.  I can't begin to thank everyone enough for all the support you have given me.  I look forward to a lot of great interviews.

Please be sure to subscribe or follow Yucked Up on your favorite podcast listening app.  We are now published on: iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, Soundcloud and Spreaker.  Just search for Yucked Up or YuckedUp.